FCC BDA Registration
The FCC has recently implemented rules requiring registration of certain Class B Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA's). These
devices are also called "Signal Boosters" or may be a component of a Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). BDA's are
usually installed in larger buildings to provide portable radio coverage in dead spots. Class B BDA's operate with a
bandwidth wide enough that can affect other nearby licensees. Additionally, under some circumstances of malfunction
or due to poor engineering practices, BDA amplifiers can oscillate creating severe interference.

Leikhim and Associates can assist system licensees and owners of BDA systems in the process of registering these devices.

In some cases, due to the length of time this technology has been used, the system manager may be unaware of the exact
numbers and types of these devices in operation on the system.

Leikhim and Associates can assist in performing "due diligence" in determining and documenting where these devices may have
been installed.