Low Cost Aftermarket Diversity Receiver System
This project is the development of a low cost Diversity Reception System using off the shelf components. The purpose is to
enhance portable radio coverage of existing analog and digital LMR systems. Current base station technology is talk back limited
due to the low power of portable radios. Generally portable radios operate between 2 and 5 watts while repeater stations operate between
25 to 150 watts. The industry trend is for even lower power portable equipment to meet battery limitations and future requirements to meet
Factory Mutual (FM) intrinsically safe regulations.

For many applications, this system enhancement will eliminate the on-going expense of remote satellite receivers, tower structures and
back haul circuits.

Currently a UHF Band test system is being constructed and will be tested to quantify the level of improvement resulting from the addition of
a second, third and fourth antenna and receiver to an LMR repeater. A test will also be conducted to determine the potential benefits of a
cross polarized antenna to mitigate mutipath effects on wave polarization.